Nanocellulose & Biomaterials Group 

The Nanocellulose and Biomaterials Group has been led by Assist. Prof. Supachok Tanpichai at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok, Thailand. We focus on the preparation of nanocellulose and lignonanocellulose from agricultural wastes such as pinapple leaves, baggasse, water hyacinth and so on in mass production and add more value to leftover agricultural wastes which are easily found throughout the country, Thailand The use of these nanocellulose in various applications such as composites, optoelectronic, solar cells, packaging, paper and cosmetic and further development of materials from other biomaterials like chitin, chitosan, starch, gelatin are also our main interest to compete petroleum-based polymers. 

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Neuroscience Research 

The research group in the field of neuroscience was established and managed by Dr. Sirawich Ithipraphan under the name Neuroscience Centre for Research and Innovation (NX). The center focuses on studying the mechanisms of the brain that support learning, interest, and memory in the normal population and in clinical settings, such as mental disorders and short attention span, in order to solve problems related to brain function through a combined neuroscience approach, including EEG, fMRI, brain stimulation, psychophysics, eye-tracking, and computational modeling.  


The basic and applied research aims at the issues of the aquaculture models 

The basic and applied research aims at the issues of the aquaculture models, concerning the efficiency, the potential to monitor and maintain aquatic animal health, and the environmentally friendly condition. It also deals with the effects of various environmental parameters on the economic aquatic animals because effective management systems can help secure food production and income. Her current research focuses on investigating the existence of bacterial communities in water where Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) were bred alongside the integrated recirculating aquaculture-hydroponics (aquaponics) system.


Teaching and learning research

Teaching and learning research, focusing on Outcome-based Education and impact evaluation of teacher professional development. Chantima was taking part in a research task on implementing KMUTT Professional Standard Framework, faculty professional development, and competency-based Micro-Credential. She is interested in the studies of protocol development for impact evaluation of teacher professional development and making use of institutional data for education development. 


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