Engineering and Science Classroom (ESC) 

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Incubating new-generation leaders, strengthening critical thinking and analytical abilities, broadening the mind — through story-based learning

Engineering and Science Classroom (ESC) is a high-school science classroom under the supervision of KMUTT and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The academic staff, audio-visual equipment, and space for conducting ESC activities are sponsored by KMUTT faculties and internal divisions. The ESC program is centered on the key concepts of ‘story-based learning’, namely, student-focused and hands-on approaches. Story-based learning combines interdisciplinary narratives drawn from science and technology, social sciences, arts and humanities. This narrative-driven technique is adopted in the classroom to facilitate students’ comprehension and the ability to draw a connection and appropriately apply the knowledge to solve academic and real-world problems. ESC strives to foster distinguished students who excel in STEM subjects, with the goal of shaping them into scientifically-minded thinkers and inventors. Our ESC students will emerge as future leaders in the scientific fields, and in doing so, they will play a significant role in advancing the nation. The ESC program places an emphasis on enhancing the analytical skills as well as expanding the students’ perspectives and worldviews, to support their growth and nurture them into an all-round and upstanding citizen of the world. 

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Engineering and Science Classroom (ESC)
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